Is your product illegal?


Check your local/state laws. There is no live ammunition involved and the blanks don't

contain a projectile. It's like any other alarm system, just a loud noise to deter theft.

Will this device injure someone?


Follow the instructions and it's safe.



Can I wrap this up as a Christmas present to keep my kids from opening their presents early?


Good question....



Can I put live ammo into it?


NO! Using anything other than the recommended blank shells is extremely stupid and will lead to serious injury or death!



Is it reusable?


Yes, I have used mine 100+ times.



Can you disarm it?


Yes, simply reverse the arming instructions.



What about normal delivery people setting it off?


I recommend putting out a note that says, "Don't touch or move any packages on my porch."


Can I get sued from someone hurting themselves?

Post a No Trespassing sign(s) within clear visibility of your property entrance. State laws vary, but by posting the sign, you are saying that you have warned trespassers that you are not responsible for their safety on your land and trespassers DO NOT have your permission to be on your property.

Do you ship internationally?

Package theft, and theft in general, is a World Wide problem. We are always looking at ways to expand, but currently we only deliver to the US and Canada.